Yoanna Honored as Bobbi Brown Ambassador

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"I believe in the character of the products and encourage other to use them as I also wear them myself."

I happily represent Bobbi Brown as a Brand Ambassador. I believe in the character of these products and encourage others to use them as I also wear them myself. Last year, I embarked on an incredible journey bringing Bobbi Brown's first freestanding store to Mexico. It meant so much to me to travel to Mexico City, where my mom is from and to visit family members in D.F., Polanco. The trip allowed me to share my passion of beauty and skin care and reconnect with an important part of my heritage. I worked alongside my friend Rogelio Reyna, and we relished in empowering women and spreading the Bobbi Brown message. "All women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful" –Bobbi Brown. Together, we set out to bring awareness to the new store, as well as the importance of feeling beautiful and taking care of one's skin. We received an overwhelming response, both from customers enjoying their new products, as well as Mexican publications such as Glamour and Elle, and also beauty bloggers. The Story in Mexico is only beginning!

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I learned so much from this experience and craved more knowledge about Bobbi Brown’s products and principles. I went through the Spring/Summer Seminar, where Bobbi Brown artists taught us about the new product launches and how to apply products properly. Through this training, I realized just how incredible the skin care line is. I believe it deserves more recognition globally and have seen firsthand how my skin was affected in a positive way.

I continued my education by going through the rigorous Bobbi Brown Basic Training. Over three days, I worked with two incredible mentors, Cesar and Anna, and they taught me to better apply make up to leave people feeling more confident and powerful. I had the opportunity to give a few makeup lessons, which was new to me, because I’m usually the one sitting in the chair. While I do not strive to be an artist like Rogelio or the artistic  talented like those backstage at NYFW , I honestly love working with women to help them find the perfect lip color or the right way to use skincare products. I love making women feel confident and being their best selves.   
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Rogelio and I are set to travel to major cities across the U.S. and in the future, Latin America to share Bobbi’s message. “Be who you are, and be your best self.” Follow me on this journey to your best self as I continue to advocate for the amazing work of this company.
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